Great Mountain Trekking

Thrill, adventure, stimulation and peace of mind! If you are searching for these ingredients in your boring and hectic life

Old Kingdom Of Mustang

Cultural and scenic adventure to Old Kingdom of Mustang in the windswept territory in the highest and largest extension Tibetan plateau.

Inspiring Journey To Holy Mt. Kailash

Mount Kailash, an amazing holy mountain at an elevation 6.714 m / 22,028 ftlocated within South West Tibet on the Nagari vast flatland.

Everest High Passes Trekking

Ultimate challenge of crossing three high passes in the Everest region namely Khangma La Pass, Cho La pass and Renjo La Pass.

Lower Dolpo Via Jumla

Relish the beauty of snowcapped mountains as you walk through ancient and isolated villages with rich wildlife and stunning lakes.

Around Manasalu and Larkya-La

Manaslu and Larkya La Trek, a recently opened trekking trail is becoming a charm of enthusiastic trekkers and adventure lovers these days.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Druk Path Trek With Cultural Tour

If you want to opt for a trekking journey in Bhutan along with exploration tour, then Druk Path Trek with cultural tour is probably the one for you! It is a journey that lets you taste the natural and cultural richness of Bhutan at once. Druk Path Trek with Cultural Tour is a short trek but it can be challenging as it takes you to the wild high altitude regions. Your journey starts from Paro to Thimpu and ends the same way back. Though short, you will be able to witness every most visit fantasies of Bhutan.

A flight from Kathmandu to Paru airport will allow you to traverse through the mountainous terrain of Nepal and Bhutan. The towering peaks of Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Makalu will be clearly visible to you during the flight which is nothing less than any mountain flights in Nepal. Upon your arrival at Paro, our Bhutanese crew will assist you for your journey ahead. You will drive across a beautiful chain of mountains that divides Paro from Thimpu valley. On the way, you will pass a lake which is full of giant trout fishes. This sight of lake and trout fishes will leave you in astonishment. The drive from Paro to Thimpu goes through a sparsely populated area therefore; you will find peace and serenity in the air. The lush landscape with the views of mountain in the backdrop adds to your drive and you will get a feeling as if the ride would never end.

Besides trekking and cultural exploration, Druk Path Trek with cultural tour has a unique feature i.e. you can enjoy staying under the tents and cooking food on your own. The trekking will be more like camping trekking. You can imagine yourself under the moon light surrounded by the glittering snow clad mountains. Druk Path Trek with cultural tour can probably be the most memorable trip if you want to opt for this journey. Himal Eco Trek assists you to make your journey even more wonderful. March – May and September – November is the best time to opt for this trek. So, if you would like to enjoy the magnificence of great Himalayan ranges, lush landscape and architecturally rich temples and dzongs, feel free to contact us to be a part of this awe inspiring journey!

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Glimpse Of Bhutan Tour

Travel to the spiritualist place where there is thunder mythical beast with Himal Eco Treks! Look at Bhutan Tour is an intriguing adventure that gives you a chance to appreciate the peacefulness and desire in the idea of a fascinating uneven nation – Bhutan. In addition, Bhutanese culture is additionally a pivotal piece of this trip; consequently, you can decide to investigate the one of a kind and wondrous part of Bhutanese culture. Look at Bhutan Tour is particularly intended to give you a chance to encounter the grandness of Bhutanese nature and culture. Climb to the Tiger's cloister which is situated at a sensational area and visit numerous different spots of social significance like Wangditse religious community, Changangkha religious community, Nunnery sanctuary, Memorial chorten and School of Arts and Crafts.

Your trip begins with a flight from Kathmandu to Paro air terminal. The flight to Paro is a captivating knowledge that will give you the excellent perspectives of mountains in Nepal in particular Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga and Mt. Manaslu. Upon your landing in Paro, our Bhutanese team will help you with the trip further. Proceeding with the trip, a couple of hours' drive from Paro will take you to the entrancing town of Thimpu. Thimpu is a captivating city in Bhutan that is socially extremely rich. You can visit the sanctuaries worked in the medieval period, religious communities, dzongs and stupas. The Thankas are the remarkable bit of craftsmanship that you can see around the religious communities, shops and numerous different spots of social significance. A visit to the historical center at Thimpu will get you some more experiences on the one of a kind Buddhist culture, convention and history.

Things being what they are, would you say you are prepared for this magnificent voyage to the Himalayan landscape of Bhutan? The rich slopes, valleys, waterways, villas and mountains with the mix of one of a kind Buddhist culture make Glimpse to Bhutan Tour more propitious and astounding!.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Altitude Sicknesss

Altitude sickness is a common illness which happens in a person when he moves from lower elevation region to higher (generally above 3000m). But the symptoms of this illness can range from mild to fatal. Some people are slightly affected while some people feel horrible. The basic syndromes of altitude sickness is very similar to that of the hangover i.e. headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, etc.

Major Causes of Altitude Sickness
  • Low partial pressure of oxygen in the air at high altitude.
  • Rapid ascend, dehydration and hypothermia can worsen your condition.
Symptoms of Altitude Sickness
  • Minor symptoms
Headache, fatigue, nausea and vomiting, dizziness, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, difficulty in sleeping, increase in heart rate, face, lip and finger nails get pale – which indicates inability to transport oxygen into the blood, etc.
  • Severe symptoms
Worsening of symptoms mentioned above, persistent dry cough, breathlessness, ataxia, mental confusion (altered mental status), drowsiness, irritation, unconsciousness or even coma

Types of Altitude Sickness
  • Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) – It is the mildest and most common form. AMS leads to symptoms like of a hangover i.e. headache, nausea, fatigue, etc.
  • High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) – This illness occurs when fluid builds up within the lungs which make breathing extremely difficult.
  • High Altitude Cerebral Edema (HACE) – It is a severe form of altitude sickness where fluid builds up within the brain. It results in swelling of brain with fluid which ultimately leads to change in mental state like loss of co-ordination and coma.
HAPE and HACE can be fatal if not treated in time.
Make a proper decision
  • At high altitude any problem can be due to altitude sickness. So, therefore do not try to go up until you are sure that it is not because of AMS. Stay on the same altitude until the symptoms are gone or else come down if your condition gets worse.
Preventive Measures
  • Enough Acclimatization – after 1000m is very essential. 1-2 days acclimatization at an intermediate altitude is very essential.
  • Rapid ascent is highly discouraged. Do not go too fast too high.
  • Alcohol, sleeping pills and cigarettes are respiratory depressants therefore should be avoided.
  • Drink plenty of fluids and avoid beverages
  • Consume a high carbohydrate diet.
  • Do not carry heavy packs; 10-12 kg is ok.
  • Climb higher sleep lower.
  • Sleeping altitude should not be increased than 400m a day over 3000m.
  • Do leave yourself alone, unattended.
Golden Rules
  • “CLIMB HIGH and SLEEP LOW” – In the days separated for acclimatization, you can ascend to a higher elevation during the day but at night return to the lower elevation for sleeping. This helps you in acclimatization.
  • If you get mild symptoms, stop and take aspirin if condition worsens get down.
  • Do not ever travel alone.
  • Descending is the best medicine. Do not wait for a helicopter. Come down as fast as you can.
  • Oxygen maybe helpful.
  • Medicines-
Diamox 125mg – for AMS before dinner is recommended ( it is for sleeping problem if one feels suffocated)
Nafedipine for HAPE
Dexamethasone (Decadron, a steroid) for HACE
  • Hyperbaric bag – a Gamow bag may be helpful
If you are planning to trek to high altitude regions, then you should be aware of altitude sickness, its causes, symptoms and preventive measures.
Join Himal Eco Treks for a secure and safe journey because we care!

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour

If you need to background each part for tibet over a solitary trek At that point tibet everest build camp tour is those person to you. Delight in this traditional combination from claiming touring tour to some must visit spots done lhasa for those dream of each travel partner. Likewise you might delight in an overland drive of the northern face about mt. Everest. What's more you camwood experience those inclination of being on the top of the universe. You don’t Significantly must stroll through the individuals tiring undulating ways. You could just seat once again Furthermore battle for those dainty air in the air.

Tibet everest base camp tour need those best outlined agenda that incorporates those highlights for lhasa city. Which incorporates the Excellent Potala Also Norbulingka castle alongside those expansive Sera and Drepung cloister. Those old Furthermore hallowed Jokhang castle amidst the Bakor road may be likewise a fascination not on make missed. Tibet everest base camp tour may be a immaculate mix from claiming social What's more grand tour with tibet. It incorporates every last one of architecturally showed locales of lhasa with those everest base camp which is the pursuance of each venture out partner What's more dream seeker.

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Bhutan Experience Tour

Bhutan background tour is precisely what its name depicts i. E. It is a impeccable best approach on encounter every and each part from claiming bhutan without a moment's delay. Bhutan will be a little nation settled between two monster countries in particular india and china however, the force that its characteristic glory Also social dream have may be Past creative ability. At whatever expressions might miss the point on portray the excellence from claiming this delightful country. The terrific himalayan views, rich landscape, architecturally rich temple, dzongs, stupas Also monasteries, bhutan will be a nation full of wonders.

Bhutan will be a nation for uneven landscape. Likewise you stroll along the rough Furthermore tranquil trail about Himalayas, you will make favored with those marvelous sees about snow clad mountains ruling those horizon from claiming bhutan. Those wild Also engaging perspectives for mountains need aid superb. Also, known as area of thunder Dragon, bhutan need stayed On confinement for a considerable length of time dependent upon 1970 from At a strategy for regulated tourism might have been figured. Therefore, it need effectively been fit will preserve its characteristic What's more social glory soundness till date.

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Peak Climbing

Enriched including numerous descent peaks, Nepal is a superior region in imitation of choose for top climbing!If thou are an expedition lover, after Nepal offers a extensive spread on range ranging beyond easy, moderate after close height hiking who may require no previous experience, simple journey or professional experience. Physical fitness because height climbing is a utility as that provides according to you staying power capacity.

Besides, the basic knowledge regarding the usage of axes, ropes and crampons pleasure stay attached in conformity with ye through our expert instructors prior in accordance with you journey. They pleasure passe know greater touching lousy security measures and do’s and operate not’s all through you expedition. Himal Eco Treks is a full service provider whoever affords appealing ascension programs according to exclusive peaks within one-of-a-kind regions about Nepal. You be able select somebody on to them as much per thine trust and prefer.

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Sighteeing Tours

Taste the extraordinary culture, history and customs of Nepal in a genuine way! Himal Eco treks offers an extensive variety of guided touring visits to provide food your need. Nepal is socially a rich nation. What's more, it can be seen all over; in the sanctuaries, landmarks, old royal residences, stupas and gumbas of Nepal. The antediluvian legacies in Nepal are those valuable gems that mirror its compelling artwork and legitimate culture. Everything is so extraordinary and mind blowing. A few glories of Nepal have even gotten seeing UNESCO and are recorded on the planet legacy destinations. Thus, take a round around the spots of chronicled and religious significance with Himal Eco Treks. We give you enough data about these spots. All things considered, its criticalness is the thing that makes it so unique. Our help, data and translation will make your touring visit absolutely justified, despite all the trouble!

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Best Trekking Seasons

If you are willing to travel, seasons come and they go! It doesn’t make a difference, right?
But, well, passion for travel is a different thing and comfortable and worthy travel is a different thing. What if you want to see the crystal clear views of the mountains but the clouds ruin away your dreams! What if you want to do a research on the unique flora and fauna, but you chose the dry season! And, what if you are a flower freak!
Therefore, be rational and choose your trekking season as per your needs and preferences. Every season is best for travel as per your motive of travel. But generally, March- May and September- November are considered as the peak seasons to travel to Nepal.
Autumn season (September- November)
With dry, clear and very stable weather, this season is a very good time to cherish the splendour and magnificence of mountains. You will be blessed with the clear views of awe inspiring mountains, lush hills, forests, rivers and waterfalls. The climate is neither too hot nor too cold; therefore, you can walk around easily enjoying the brilliance of Mother Nature.
Winter season (December- February)
The weather is dry and settled but cold. If cold weather will not cause you a problem, this season can be the best period to visit Nepal. Enjoy the magnificence of the mountains and other natural scenery with a sip of tea or coffee!
Spring season (March- May)
At this period of time, the temperature is moderate and the environment is lush. The temperature rises but the chances of precipitation remains. However, you can taste the vivid and vibrant nature by admiring the flower blossoms!
Summer season (June- August)
This season embarks the beginning of monsoon. The warm and moist air from Indian Ocean brings rain making the road slippery. The cloud patches on the blue skies makes the environment gloomy hindering the clear views of mountains. But it can be the best time if you are interested in research of some interesting flora and fauna.
Choice is yours! Choose the best time for your visit!

Trekking in Nepal? Awesome idea!

Have you heard about the popular trekking routes like trek to the highest peak of the world, Everest base camp trek? Likewise, Annapurna base camp, Langtang valley treks and many more! These are one of the most popular and most cherished, adventurous trekking routes to the highest mountains of the world.
Nepal, a small landlocked country nested between two powerful countries namely, India and China has been able to maintain its unique identity with its picturesque range of mountains and scenic beauty all around. The magnificence and grandeur of Himalayas has been doing wonders in the heart of millions of people around the world. Naturally divine, Nepal is amongst the best places in the world to go for trekking.
The diversified landscape of Nepal adds to its serenity and splendour. The mountains, hills, valleys, rivers and lakes: Nepal is a dreamland of all the nature lovers! The bewitching beauty of Pokhara valley; its pristine air, spectacular backdrop of snowy peak and serene lakes, Wow! The blend of all these alluring elements makes Pokhara, the “jewel in the Himalayas”. So is the Lang tang valley, Makalu- Barun valley and Arun valley! The majestic beauty of Nepal has been subject of many travel writers worldwide. The routes inaccessible by road, combined with the well worn foot tracks, developed between the villages, has made trekking in Nepal the most adventurous and thrilling experience that one can gain nowhere across the globe.
The azure and tranquil lakes in Nepal namely, Fewa Lake, Rara Lake, Begnas Lake, Shey- Phoksundo Lake, Gosaikunda Lake and many more. Who would not want to stay at its bay exploring the serenity and purity that lies somewhere beneath?The craving of the tourists to explore the unique flora and faunas has made Nepal a centre of attraction. Gaining to its diverse landscape and climate, Nepal has been able to preserve many endangered species of flora and fauna in its reserves and national parks namely, Chitwan National Park, Sagarmatha National Park, Bardia National Park, Khaptad National Park, Lang tang National Park, Rara Natonal Park and others.  Jungle safari, elephant ride, camp fire and wildlife exploration can be some of the exciting activities to do here.
The wilderness of the Manang- Mustang trekking route appeals the heart of many adventure lovers. This exceptional journey through vast climatic and geographical variations takes you to some of the spectacular regions, you could have ever dreamt of! You can enjoy the raw appeal of snow capped peaks in a wild terrain.
Trekking in Nepal is not simply nature and Himalayas, the unique cultural aspect of this country is not to be neglected. The warm hospitality of Nepalese people is very well known all over the world. Unity in diversity that lies in this country is a pride that this country has maintained. Culture is embedded in each and every corner of the country. Tradition flows with its rivers and theart; it can be seen in each and every temples, monasteries and pathways of Nepal. Art, culture and religion are essentials of living for inhabitants and religion lies in their heart. People celebrate every moment with aroma, adding novelty to the traditions without affecting their essence. This cultural diversity can be seen nowhere on the earth than here.
Apart from these, Nepal can also be a spot for numerous adventure activities. The fast flowing white water has made Nepal an awesome destination for rafting fun, the hills and peculiar landscape has made it a popular destination for bungee jumping. The zip flyer and paragliding adds to your adventure. Being in Nepal is a blessing as you will never be out of any adventure activities. There are so many things to do, so many experience to collect.
Therefore, thinking of trekking in Nepal? Thumps up! Awesome idea!
Rejoice your journey with us! Join Himal Eco Treks! We are at your service 24/7.