Great Mountain Trekking

Thrill, adventure, stimulation and peace of mind! If you are searching for these ingredients in your boring and hectic life

Old Kingdom Of Mustang

Cultural and scenic adventure to Old Kingdom of Mustang in the windswept territory in the highest and largest extension Tibetan plateau.

Inspiring Journey To Holy Mt. Kailash

Mount Kailash, an amazing holy mountain at an elevation 6.714 m / 22,028 ftlocated within South West Tibet on the Nagari vast flatland.

Everest High Passes Trekking

Ultimate challenge of crossing three high passes in the Everest region namely Khangma La Pass, Cho La pass and Renjo La Pass.

Lower Dolpo Via Jumla

Relish the beauty of snowcapped mountains as you walk through ancient and isolated villages with rich wildlife and stunning lakes.

Around Manasalu and Larkya-La

Manaslu and Larkya La Trek, a recently opened trekking trail is becoming a charm of enthusiastic trekkers and adventure lovers these days.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Difficulty Level of Trekking

level of trekking

Nature has always been kind to its lovers and admirers. It has always been ready to offer them with whatever it has for them to shower with. But it is up to us how much we can take it! How much we can endeavor!

Nepal being a beautiful country with mountainous terrain and diversified landscape, trekking in Nepal has always been a topic of interest around the globe. The world’s highest peak- Mt. Everest and other towering picks has always allured millions of trekkers around. But trekking along these trials is not always easy. Every trial has its own demand. Some trials are easy; some are moderate while others are strenuous and more than strenuous. The physical endurance required to accomplish a trek differs from one to another.

Therefore, you need to make a right choice knowing your level of physical endurance. On the basis of the physical endurance required, we have categorized treks into following six categories:
  1. Easy

The trekkers usually walk in the lower elevation region below 2000m in level paths for about 5 hours a day at normal conditions. Trekking days extends from 10-12 days.
  1. Moderate

The elevation gain rises to 4000m and the hiking hour increases to 7 hours per day. You need to prepare yourself for a longer walk in not so well leveled paths in a colder atmosphere.
  1. Demanding

The elevation gain rises over 4000m with longer walks per day. Get ready for long walks, cold temperature, a risk of altitude sickness and steep climbs. Days of trekking extends to 16- 19 days considering the days required for acclimatization.
  1. Strenuous

The elevation gain rises over 5000m. Trekkers have to walk along unleveled trials uphill and downhill. Steep ascend and descend is also necessary. As you need to acclimatize yourself, the trekking hours are normally 7-8 hours over 13-19 days span.
  1. Very strenuous

The trekkers require high physical endurance as they have to climb steep in a rugged terrain for 7-8 hours for 10-19 days. Trekkers should be able to cope with altitude variation and cold. Physical fitness of a trekker is mandatory.
  1. Highly strenuous/ Challenging

The trekkers must be able to have high physical endurance with knowledge of climbing and dealing with the difficult and challenging terrain. In this grade of trek, the hiking rises to an elevation of 6000 m and over, therefore, climber should be able to withstand the cold weather in between those wild mountains. Albeit these treks are generally for the experienced trekkers and climbers.
Himal Eco Trek offers a wide range of varieties when it comes to trekking packages in Nepal of each type! Make a choice - which trek suits you the most? And, do not forget to book a trip with us! Regards!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Trekking Season in Nepal

trekking in the himalayas of Nepal

The fun of trekking is when you can trek without any hindrances in the most favorable climatic conditions getting blessed with whatever the nature has to offer you! Your trekking experience becomes the best when it is neither too hot nor too cold and you get the best views of the enchanting mountains in the lush environment. Flower blossom adds to your trekking experience making your trip fantastic.

Here we divide four seasons of a year explaining their suitability for trekking in Nepal.

Autumn season (September to November)

This season is the highly preferred and the most favorable period for trekking in Nepal. The weather is dry, stable and very clear. In this season; you will be showered with each and every beauty of Nepal. From the clear views of the splendid mountains, rivers, waterfalls to lush hills and forests, you can taste every aspect of Mother Nature in its best form in the moderate temperature condition.

Winter season (December to February)

Just in case, you are not afraid of cold, you can trek even through winter. The weather is dry and settled but cold. Trekking in high altitude is not recommended as it is very cold and snow covers almost everything. But, winter fall can be a good season for trekking in low elevation regions. You can see the clear views of the magnificent mountains and cherish the natural splendor of Nepal.

Spring season (March to May)

Spring seasons is also the preferred season for hiking and is the best season for trekking in Nepal next to autumn. The temperature and snow line rise but the possibility of precipitation remains. The temperature is moderate and the environment is lush. The most amazing experience of trekking in this season is the flower blossoms. The whole environment becomes vivid and vibrant with colorful flowers. The colorful rhododendron forests will leave you speechless.

Summer season (June to August)

Summer season is generally not preferred for trekking in Nepal as the monsoon begins with warm and moist air from the Indian Ocean. The rain makes the roads slippery. Even the skies are not clear. It is cloudy and blue patches can be seen from the clouds. The rain, mud, slippery paths, leeches and unclear mountain views make this fall not so good for trekking.

There are pros and cons to every season. You can make your choice on the basis of its suitability for you. Himal Eco Trek is here at your service 24/7.