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Old Kingdom Of Mustang

Cultural and scenic adventure to Old Kingdom of Mustang in the windswept territory in the highest and largest extension Tibetan plateau.

Inspiring Journey To Holy Mt. Kailash

Mount Kailash, an amazing holy mountain at an elevation 6.714 m / 22,028 ftlocated within South West Tibet on the Nagari vast flatland.

Everest High Passes Trekking

Ultimate challenge of crossing three high passes in the Everest region namely Khangma La Pass, Cho La pass and Renjo La Pass.

Lower Dolpo Via Jumla

Relish the beauty of snowcapped mountains as you walk through ancient and isolated villages with rich wildlife and stunning lakes.

Around Manasalu and Larkya-La

Manaslu and Larkya La Trek, a recently opened trekking trail is becoming a charm of enthusiastic trekkers and adventure lovers these days.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Top 7 reasons to visit Everest Base Camp

For anyone who is willing to travel to Everest Base Camp, you might already be aware of the facts why you should visit Everest Base Camp. The fore and foremost reason can be the charm of Mt. Everest and glory of being there in the top of the world. The moment of being there at the Everest Base Camp is a trophy that you can keep as a memory for lifetime. The journey to Everest Base Camp is an exploration and adventure for your lifetime. Besides that, you can get some insights on people, culture and lifestyle of people residing there.
The journey to Everest Base Camp passes through the Sagarmatha National Park. Hence it can be a perfect opportunity  to explore the unique floras and faunas found in the Himalayan terrain. Other than that, the spectacular views of mountains, wild and rocky terrain, undulating ups and downs along the alpine forests and grasslands are some alluring aspects of the journey to Everest Base Camp.
Here we have listed  7 reasons why you should visit Everest Base Camp:
  1. The achievement of accomplishing your journey to top of the world.

The most viable reason why you should visit Everest Base Camp is that you will be able to be there right in front of the mighty Mt. Everest. The moment of being there – on the top is a glorifying moment, an achievement that anyone would love to achieve. There might be hardly few people who wouldn’t like to be there on the Everest Base Camp but it’s not an easy task and not all people can fulfill their dream. Therefore, the most valid reason why you should visit Everest Base Camp is the ceremonial value that the mighty mountain – Mt Everest possesses. Everyone values the thing that is on top. So, visit Everest Base Camp to make yourself proud that yes! You have conquered the base camp of highest mountain on the earth.
  1. Spectacular and close up views of mountains

Everest region is a home to various towering mountains of Nepal. As the region in itself lies at a high altitude, you will be blessed with the spectacular views of mountains in Khumbu region. As you move forward with your journey to Everest Base Camp, you will be rewarded with the close of views of mountains like Mt. Thamserku, Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Lhotse, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Everest and many more. The wilderness of the path, mountainous terrain and the sky dominating mountains are some of the reasons why you should visit Everest Base Camp.
  1. The influence of Buddhist culture and Tengboche monastery

As soon as you enter into the Khumbu region of Nepal, you will get the vibes of Buddhist culture prevalent in that area. The Khumbu region is unanimously resided by the people of Buddhism religion. The colorful prayer flags, chortens, mani walls and stupas that you encounter on the way reflect the Buddhism religion prevalent in that area. Tengboche, a popular station during Everest Base Camp Trek is a sacred place for all the local people and mountaineering people who walk by the way. Tengboche monastery, a popular monastery in the Khumbu region of Nepal is a spiritual hub where all the trekkers take a quick visit before embarking their journey ahead. They receive blessings for a successful journey ahead.
  1. Lifestyle of local Sherpa people

Journey to Everest Base Camp helps you to know about people, their culture, custom and lifestyle. The Khumbu region of Nepal is mostly inhabited by people of Sherpa origin. Sherpa people are the local people residing in the mountainous area. Sherpa people are well acquainted to mountains, trekking and mountaineering. The locals lead a simple life and are mostly engaged in trekking activities. Some work as guide, some as porters and some run lodges in that area. Above all, the Sherpa people are very fun loving, caring and hostile people. The ever smiling face of Sherpa people and their hostility is renowned all over the world.
  1. Flight to and from Lukla airport

A thrilling experience that one can get from journey to Everest Base Camp is the flight to and from Lukla airport. Luka airport lies on a dramatic location and is considered as one of the most dangerous airport in the world. As the flight takes off from Kathmandu and reaches to the Everest region of Nepal, you will be blessed with the wonderful views of mountains parallel to you and a scenic landscape just below you. As the plane lands on the narrow airstrip of Lukla, you will be revived and enthralled.
  1. Sagarmatha National Park

As you walk along the Dudhkosi river you will make your way to the Namche. Namche is the ultimate gateway to enter inside the periphery of Sagarmatha National Park. The trail towards Everest base camp lies within the  national park for most of the time. Sagarmatha National Park is a fascinating park full of mountains, glaciers, mountain lakes, rivers, forests and alpine grasslands. The park preserves many species of floras and faunas found only in the Himalayan region of Nepal. So, if you are lucky you may encounter some species of Himalayan birds, animals or plants.
  1. The popular town – Namche Bazaar

The hustle and bustle of the small mountainous town – Namche bazaar is very popular around the world. Namche bazaar is a small town in the Khumbu region of Nepal and is an only gateway to Everest. The place is full of lodges, shops, cafes, restaurants and guesthouses. If  you forgot any equipment then you can get in the shops of namche bazaar. If you have missed any items required for trekking, you can pick it up here in the shops of Namche.
The town of Namche is very busy and crowded. The streets are narrow and crowded with people; dzokpo’s hauled with loads and others. It is one of the busiest towns in the Khumbu region of Nepal. The local people, their busy schedule, trekkers on the way, children playing on the narrow streets, dzokpo hauled with loads and above all the close of views of mountains are some of the views worth seeing from this place.
These are my crazy list of I why I love doing trek to Everest Base Camp. Hope it was helpful if you are in dilemma of doing Everest Base Camp trek. 

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Rara Lake - A surreal beauty of nature

rara lake trek

The flawless beauty of Rara Lake has a positive aura that can bring any wandering soul in peace. The lake is not only the largest lake in Nepal but a perfect destination to be at. The remote off beaten trekking trail takes you amidst the forests to the serene and tranquil Rara Lake. The mountains that surround the place add to the picturesque beauty of the lake. And most important fact, it is the deepest lake of Nepal.
Rara Lake is also an amazing place for trekking, camping and many more things that nature lover likes to do. The place not only offers some incredible views of the remote Nepal but also the beauty of nature like forests, lakes, mountains, hills and many more.

rara lake trek

Rara is very calm and remote destination to be at if you is looking for a break from the busy city life. Due to its remoteness, the place is intact in its natural glory. Rara lake trek is more than just Rara Lake visit. It’s a mix of various trekking adventure at once.
First of all, it’s an off beaten path which is a good choice of place for all the enthusiastic trekkers who would love to experience the uneven rugged paths of Nepal. You may also have an option of camping trek at your own will. Besides, owning to its remoteness, the place is still untouched by any kind of modernization. It is also ideal for those trekkers who would like to avoid crowded trekking trails and opt for less travelled serene destinations.
Rara Lake lies in the Mugu and Jumla district of Nepal in between the lush forest of Rara National Park. Rara National Park is a treasure of Nepal and a home to many species of floras and faunas amongst which few are rare and endangered species. Musk deer, Himalayan black bear, leopard, Himalayan goral, Red Panda, and Peasant and some of the rare species found in the park.

rara lake trek
Photo Credit:The Himalayan Times 
The lake and its surrounding area i.e. Rara National Park is believed to have one hundred seventy four species of flowers, fifty one species of mammals and two hundred fourteen species of birds. The natural richness of the area can be predicted from this data as well.
The shimmering beauty of the lake, incredible views of the mountains and lush forests around makes Rara lake a must visit destination for all the nature lovers. The trail to Rara Lake goes through one of the far-flung places in Nepal. Hence, the trek can be an opportunity to explore wilderness and local people residing in those areas. The people residing in those remote areas lead a traditional lifestyle. You will encounter sparse settlements in this area but they share their own unique culture, customs and traditions.

rara lake trek

If you are planning to visit Rara Lake, then you have few options. However, owing to its off beaten nature and remote location, travelling to Rara Lake is not an easy task. You can get there either by walking along the trekking trail or by bus/jeep. Another alternative to reach there is taking a flight to Talcha airport. If you opt for a trekking journey, your journey starts with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and then to Jumla. At first we walk to chala chaur, cross a pass and walk up Rara Lake via Botan. From Rara lake, we move ahead to Jhyari and cross a pass to Chautha. We then walk up to Tharamara and return back to Jumla and conclude the journey.
The best time to visit Rara Lake is from March to May and September to November. At this point of time, you can get some great views of lake along with the mountains. Even the weather and climatic conditions are perfect for travel. So, are you ready for this mesmerizing journey to so call – heaven on earth? You will surely be amaze by the astonishing beauty of Rara Lake. The companionship of Himal Eco Treks will make your journey even more joyful and lively.